• UCI Ph.D. student Bemmy Maharramov has received a Newkirk Fellowship for her research project: "Innovative links between 'on-the-ground' environmental stewardship and local environmental policy making"

    CUSA Researcher Awarded Newkirk Fellowship
  • Over the summer, CUSA’s latest major research initiative, Flood RISE, has been featured in multiple media outlets including the Orange County Register and UCI News

    CUSA’s Flood RISE Initiative in the News
  • UCI's Jay Famiglietti contributed his thoughts on President Barack Obama’s climate change-centered commencement speech

    CUSA Featured On National Geographic
  • One of the many projects to come to fruition from Dr. Richard Matthew's course, this Zero Waste Plan will move UCI 2-3% closer to being a zero waste campus this coming year!

    Sustainability Students Create Zero Waste Plan for UCI
  • Jesse Baker seeks to inform and outfit at risk villages with Cholera awareness and filtration systems. To learn more, visit http://www.project-haiti.org

    CUSA Alumni Making a Difference in Haiti
  • CUSA and the minds who brought us the Story of Stuff Project jointly offer this online, civic-engagement course to UCI students only this summer. Sign up now!

    UCI Selected to Pilot Citizen Muscle Bootcamp