• CUSA's annual ceremony honoring the protection and empowerment of the world's most vulnerable communities will be moved to Fall 2015. Check back soon for more details!

    Human Security Award Pushed Forward
  • The UCI Professor will be giving a talk entitled, “Up a Dry Creek: What Satellites Tell Us About Califorinia’s Epic Drought,” on April 8th

    Sustainability Lecture Series: Jay Famiglietti
  • CUSA’s research initiative was the focal point of UCI Magazine this Spring. The project is detailed in a spotlight entitled, “Climate change at the front door,” and is major part of the special climate change issue

    FloodRISE Featured in UCI Magazine
  • Along with fellow researchers, CUSA Director Richard Matthew visits the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur and gives a talk entitled, "Global Trends, Local Challenges”

    CUSA Visits AUBCS in La Paz
  • Dr. Matthew co-authored and presented a paper entitled, “Sustaining Public-Private Partnerships,” for this year's conference

    CUSA Director Co-writes Paper for ISA