• As part of CUSA’s 2015 Sustainability Lecture Series, UC Irvine's Dr. Jean Fried gave a talk on campus entitled, “Sustainable Co-Development: The Case of the European Union.”

    UCI Project Scientist Gives Talk on Sustainable Co-Development
  • CUSA welcomes the post-doctoral scholar from the University of Geneva to pursue his interest in environmental health and sustainable development policies

    CUSA Greets Visiting Scholar Julien Forbat
  • Dr. Richard Matthew authored a chapter on “Environmental Change and Human Security” in a newly released book edited by Sangmin Bae and Makoto Mauyama entitled, Human Security, Changing States and Global Responses

    CUSA Director Authors Chapter in Human Security Book
  • CUSA was honored to host the Ph.D. student for the month of January. Salaices is a student of the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur in Mexico and aims to reorganize local communities to build a sustainable society

    CUSA Welcomes Visiting Scholar Martha Salaices
  • Dr. Beth Karlin published a report entitled “Characterization and Potential of Home Energy Management (HEM) Technology,” a report that reviews the current range of Home Energy Management (HEMS) products and considerations for the future

    TML Director Publishes Home Energy Management Report