• Doctoral student Tera Dornfeld worked as a teen team facilitator for the citizen science organization, The Earthwatch Institute, with the aim of engaging teenagers in the collection of scientific data

    CUSA Researcher Facilitates for The Earthwatch Institute
  • From July to September this year, CUSA's Director and team have set out to accomplish extensive research in the communities of Swaziland. Read the team's latest updates!

    CUSA Begins Multi-Phase Field Project In Swaziland
  • TML Director Beth Karlin and Research Associate Nora Davis attended the annual American Psychological Association Convention in Washington DC on August 7th to 10th, 2014

    The 2014 APA Annual Convention
  • UCI Ph.D. student Bemmy Maharramov has received a Newkirk Fellowship for her research project: "Innovative links between 'on-the-ground' environmental stewardship and local environmental policy making"

    CUSA Researcher Awarded Newkirk Fellowship
  • Over the summer, CUSA’s latest major research initiative, Flood RISE, has been featured in multiple media outlets including the Orange County Register and UCI News

    CUSA’s Flood RISE Initiative in the News